Wednesday, February 21, 2007

159. Because I'm Admirable

What I'm giving up for Lent:

Eddie Murphy
The Hague
additives and preservatives
sky diving
hay fever
and harpsichords.

Have I forgotten any items you could remind me about?


davecharliebrown said...

liver and onions

stupidramblings said...

You're right, Dave.

I recall I swore off oil spills too.

NatGo said...

small, yappy dogs.

The McCulloch Family said...

Hair extentions and liquor

Usually Happy said...

Oh're giving up magic?! That's quite a sacrifice.

Bone Junior said...


Th. said...


You will be a better person.


stupidramblings said...

natgo: I gave those up years ago

tmf: maybe just the hair extensions.

uh: I know magic was my first love, but she's a cruel mistress; that's why they're always sawing her in half.

bone: I'm scared I might actually know what that means. Does that make me less of a stupid?

th.: Not a moment too soon!

Th. said...



What does "565" mean?

stupidramblings said...

th.: Just part of the blog template, I'm afraid. Are you afraid?


davecharliebrown said...

crappy a cappella

the kind where the arrangements suck AND the singer suck. AND they have a bad attitude and think they're cool since they're singing top 40 music.

Rhodeshack said...

You lent someone your leeches? Man, I thought you were saving those for me. I got dibs when you get 'em back.
PS. The "word verification" word is RVF Durve. That's my next band name.

barb said...

...whale bone corsets?

stupidramblings said...

Hear hear, Dave

Durve works for me, RH. I'd be careful with the RFV though.

Barb: I gave up corsets last year for Lent--of all kinds.