Friday, April 04, 2008

178. First Mate, First Karma

So last night I was watching the boys in the living room. The Juggernaut (4 months) was lying on the couch enjoying his Juggernaut-ness, and the First Mate (20 months) was playing with his toys and books below me on the floor. I was dozing off to a The Office marathon on NBC--all was well.

Until in my ether-like slumber I heard the faint sound of a spanking coming on. Sure enough, when I opened my eyes, I beheld that the First Mate had climbed onto the couch and was standing over the Juggernaut, straddling him and jumping up and down, letting his butt rest not-so-gently on the Juggernaut's chest. I mean, I've seen him do it with a teddy bear, but not his brother, and not in front of me.

The Juggernaut was a stalwart little fella, not so much because he's tough, but because he's keeping a mental list of offenses and is plotting his revenge. The First Mate wasn't too happy when he found he'd been caught. Mainly because I wasn't happy.

Then, in a colossal twist of karmic force, last night at approximately 1:35.06 MDT I heard a thud from the ceiling followed by a baleful cry. I ran upstairs as quickly as my drowsed state allowed for to find the First Mate on the floor crying. He fell out of bed. He's been in a real bed for 3 months now, but did not fall out until the day he was jumping on his brother.

Karma, how I've longed for thy subtle touch.


MG said...

Has the Juggernaut had his dip/tet? It's only a matter of time before the First Mate finds a stapler or decides to play pin the tail on the Juggernaut. I've seen it a hundred times...

MG said...

As a side note, I just noticed the title of this post, and was reminded of the other day when Dave won first corn. None of the rest of us stood a chance.

MG said...

Oh, and I also got the "Karma Chameleon Joke".