Thursday, May 22, 2008

183. Weight up!

Recently, I discovered I had O+ (O positive) blood. I guess that means I’m a “the blood bag is half full” kind of guy.

Here’s my physical state: last night I rolled my ankle playing basketball. It wasn’t too bad, meaning I think I can hide it from my wife Limpy who's prone to worrying. If a slightly rolled ankle was my only injury, things would be fine, but I also broke, and tore the ligaments in, my left ring finger. And I just had my stitches removed. I hope bad things come in threes, because I’m done being torn up.

Anyway, Sunday my neighbor and I were talking over dinner and he was lamenting his weight and telling me he needed to lose a few pounds. I also am slightly chubby (see: lard-legs) and I was complaining about my weight also. So we formed a bet. Person who loses the highest percentage of body weight in the next three months gets a free round of golf paid for by the loser.

So today I passed up on doughnuts, hoping I could use self control to plummet down in the weight standings. Unfortunately, last night while no one was looking I consumed nearly 1000 calories in fruit snacks, Jelly Bellies, and bratwurst. So I ask: if you’re on a diet and no one is around to see you fall, does the cheesecake count, or does it not count. I propose the latter.

I’m going to win the challenge. If not for my willpower, it will be because I am mighty.

That is all.

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