Saturday, May 31, 2008

184. Hot Dawg!

If you're wondering how I prepare for major athletic competitions, fasten your seat belts:

My church men's group recently decided to piggy back on the Cub Scout's Pinewood Derby night. The track was already going to be set up, why not use it to our advantage? So the men decided to hold our own PW Derby. However, since we're all grown up, there's no reason we shouldn't be able to build better cars than the boys, right?

Well, no. Most of the cars were not much better than what the boys can put together. Except one:

I won't tell you how I did for speed (16th percentile), but I will say I brought home the best-in-show award. How did I come up with my design, you ask? Here's my inspiration. Now my son, the Juggernaut, is not the only "the Juggernaut" in the house.


MG said...

No sauerkraut? Oh, well. It's a pretty sweet tube steak anyway.

The Titmi said...

Rhodeshack made a tadpole for a family one. As you can imagine it looked like something else. . .

Th. said...